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            Product Catalogue
        RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 Converter
        RS-232/RS-485/CAN/Optical Fiber
        RS-232 Isolator
        RS-485 Repeater
        USB/Ethernet to Serial Port/Fiber
        Other (Wifi Blueteeth,etc)



      CAN/Optical Fiber


      We invented port powered RS-232 tp optical fiber converter. CHINA patentZL03335086、ZL03335087、ZL03335088 ,etc      
      Main Advantage:
      1.OPT232[S]-9 needs only RXD、TXD、GND          2. OPT232[S]-9 is the smallest in the world
      3.OPT485、OPT485S has RS-232/RS-485/RS-422      4.OPT-CAN needs no set, no software

      Use the mouse to right click on the all kinds of product model and select "save target as" to download a variety of product specifications (.pdf file)
                        RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 to optical fiber
        Model         Function   Fiber Mode    Characteristics  Power
      OPT485S1  RS-232/485/422 to single-fiber  Single&Multi-Mode DB-25/DB-25 size 5V
      OPT485V9  RS-232/485/422 to optical fiber  Multi-Mode DB-9/DB-9 size 5V
      OPT485  RS-232/485/422 to optical fiber  Multi-Mode DB-25/DB-25 size 5V
      OPT485S RS-232/485/422  to optical fiber      Single-Mode DB-25/DB-25 size 5V

                        Port Powered RS-232 to optical fiber
      OPT232S1  RS-232 to optical single-fiber  Single&Multi-Mode DB-9/DB-9 size Port Powered
      OPT232-9  RS-232 to optical fiber  Multi-Mode DB-9/DB-9 size Port Powered
      OPT232S-9  RS-232 to optical fiber        Single-Mode DB-9/DB-25 size Port Powered

                        Repeater of RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 to optical fiber 
      OPT35EX RS-232/485/422/optical fiber Repeater  Multi-Mode DB-25/DB-25 size 5V
      OPT35EXS RS-232/485/422/optical fiber Repeater       Single-Mode DB-25/DB-25 size 5V

                       CAN to optical fiber, Repeater of  CAN to optical fiber
      OPT-CAN  CAN to Optical fiber   Multi-Mode  ST,DB-25/DB-25 size 5V
      OPT-CANS  CAN to Optical fiber         Single Mode  ST,DB-25/DB-25 size 5V

                        RS-232/485/422/CAN to Plastic Optical Fiber
      OPF232 RS-232 to Plastic Optical fiber   Plastic Fiber DB-9/DB-9 size Port Powered
      OPF485 RS-485/422/232 to Plastic Optical fiber   Plastic Fiber DB-9/DB-9 size 5V

                       All signal RS-232 to Optical Fiber, TTL to Optical Fiber
      OPT232AL All Signal RS-232 to Optical Fiber Multi-Mode  All Signals 5V
      OPT232TL[S] TTL/RS-232 to Optical Fiber Multi[Single]-Mode   TTL & RS-232 5V

                     USB to Serial Port Optical Fiber
      OPTU232L  USB to Optical Fiber Multi-Mode Serial Protocal  USB powered
      OPTU232L1  USB to Optical Fiber Multi-Mode Serial Protocal  USB powered
      OPTU232SL1  USB to Optical Fiber  Single Mode Serial Protocal  USB powered

            RS-232高w謹C宥佚D       RS-485高w謹C宥佚D       芦b屶尺D     

          OPT14HUB佛侘高wMW謹C宥佚D       OPT22ph高wMW謹C宥佚D